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Nestled behind a Poinciana tree in the Burleigh Heads village, at the top of James Street sits the Burleigh Baker Cafe. With a passion for crafting artisan sourdough breads and brewing excellent Wolff coffee, the cafe menu is based around the bread, with dishes that are freshly made and sourced from the best ingredients. 


Our customers may be in swimmers, finishing a long bike ride, carrying their surfboard to the beach, heading to work, school or arriving from across the country. Regardless of where they're from, they come to buy a fresh loaf, roll, pastry or cake; drink good coffee, have breakfast and lunch or chat in the Burleigh village.

 In our modern world, it is impossible not to be impacted by nutritional considerations around food. The baker uses the words 'food integrity' to convey what he feels is the single most important issue facing our health and well-being.  It is the opposite of 'Global' or 'Fast', rather 'Local and Slow’; ‘whole food ‘not ‘processed or refined’. Use high quality natural ingredients. Do not use commercial yeast, bread improvers, preservatives, margarine or industrial fats. Eat “fermented carbohydrates” especially fermented grains. This becomes the mantra for those who value great tasting, nutritious food and who understand the importance of digestibility and a healthy GUT.  We don’t push just organic, rather we practice ‘Food Integrity’ in the ingredients we buy, in what we make and what we sell. The ‘Face of the Baker ‘ is our symbol for knowing who makes the bread that your family eats every day. 


Stop by our Cafe on James Street in the Burleigh Heads village, where you can select from our range of fresh sourdough bread, as well as trying our delicious meals, coffee and cake range. The warm and friendly staff will assist you with their personal and knowledgeable service.

BREAKFAST * until 3pm -- w. Miche | Light Rye Toast


*Eggs Are Always Free Range*

Open Mon to Sat 7-4, Sun 7-2

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Big Breakfast w. poached eggs sausage tomato mushrooms bacon     20

Eggs Benedict w. leg ham | bacon | house cured salmon                  17

Scrambled eggs & Salmon salad -salmon avocado tomato onion dill sauce 17


Scrambled eggs w. muchrooms & truffle oil              V                     17

Matt's Omelet -chicken mushrooms red onion Parmesan & Gruyére      17

Baker's Omelet with Gruyére and Parmesan cheese                          14

Eggs- 2 Free range eggs -Poached, Fried or Scrmbled                       11

Orchard Sourdough Toasr w. quark banana pear honey walnuts         14

Activated raw Museli w. yoghurt honey seasonal fruit                        12

Croissant with leg ham and cheese melt                                         7.5

Sourdough toast with condiment                                                   5.5

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House cured salmon | Leg Ham | Bacon | Chorizo         5.50

Mushroom | Haloumi | Sausage                                 4.00


Fried tomato | Baked Beans | extra egg                       2.20

Slice of tasty cheese                                                 1.50

Garden salad w. vinaigrette                                       5.00

Condiments (jam, p. butter, vegemite, honey)                1.00




Look for our daily salad specials                                      12

Quiche| Pie with garden salad                                        12

Olive sourdough w. brocconcini chorizo, roasted peppers roquette balsamic glaze melt           14

House cured Salmon, cream cheese, onion & dill sauce on light rye                                     14

Pear Gorgonzola cheese walnut honey melt on miche                                                     12


Gruyére cheese tomato basil melt on miche    12

Avocado cottage cheese tomato on miche     12


Avocado on toast                                   8.80

Tartine - open faced toast (2)

Bacon or Avocado & Fried Egg                                             8.80

Rueben- Hot pastrami red pickled cabbage mustard

vintage cheddar cheese                                                       10.00

Egg, lettuce, mayonnaise                                                      8.00


Tuna, tomato, pickle, lettuce, mayonnaise                                 8.80

Poached chicken, celery, lettuce, mayo                                    8.80

Roast Beef tomato, lettuce, horseradish | mustard                        8.80

House cured salmon, cream cheese, onion, lettuce                     8.80

Pulled Pork, carrot, lettuce, onion relish                                     8.80

Ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce                                                 8.80

Activated Museli With Apple & More

Activated Museli With Apple, Blueberry & Pear.