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Natural Leaven

Slow Fermentation

Stone Hearth Baking

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Making sourdough bread starts with knowledge of fermentation and nutrition that most modern breads have abandoned. Being naturally leavened and involving slow cool fermentation creates a nutritional, digestable great tasting bread. It is fundamental to our values that we use organic/sustainable chemical free flour, sea salt, chlorine free water and natural leavens.  

Every ingredient and step in our Artisan Bread making process is designed to optimise the breads natural food integrity i.e. flavour, nutritional value and digestibility.

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Eat Food That You'll Remember




We craft all our breads by hand and minimise the involvement of mechanical aids. We use a mixer for about 3 to 5 minutes per batch of dough. The dough is divided, weighed and formed. All further kneading is completed by hand. This helps us treat the dough with great care, not allowing it to be overworked or overheated, thus giving the dough the chance to develop naturally.



Our food is prepared and made by hand. From curing our own salmon to hand making the quark in our cheese cakes, we ensure our food has the same integrity as our bread. With a selection of delectable cafe meal options and our full range of delicious breads, you will be sure to leave Burleigh Baker with a happy stomach. Whether it’s our activated & fermented muesli with seasonal fruit or classic fluffy free range scrambled eggs, our cafe menu caters to a variety of taste. Pairing our dishes and in house pastries with flavourful Kai Coffee, each meal is sure to put a smile on your face.

"Bread that is fresh from the oven is undoubtedly one of life’s simple’s an experience that Lisa and Geoff Dance from Burleigh Baker are immensely passionate about."





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