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The Gut

Health Policy

Whole natural raw.jpg

All our products are made from scratch, using whole, natural, raw ingredients. 

No refined Sugars.jpg

Where possible, we eliminate refined sugars, especially fructose as a major ingredient.


•    Flavour
•    Mineral availability
•    Digestibility 

•    FODMAPs
•    Insulin index
•    Carbohydrates
•    Lectin phytate
•    Gluten

Grass Fed Ingrediants.jpg

Our butter, eggs, dairy, pork, beef and chicken are grass-fed to lower Omega 6 levels. We avoid using compound-fed animals.

Activated Nuts and Seeds.jpg

All our nuts and seeds are activated to reduce phytic acid.

Stoneground flour.jpg

Where possible, we use low extraction flours -ie. whole grain stoneground to retain natural bran, which is full of nutritional value.

Local Organic and Sustainable.jpg

Where possible we source ingredients from local growers and farmers.

No GMO's.jpg

We only use natural, whole foods tested for GMOs.

Chemical and Additive Free.jpg

We only use ingredients that are ‘Round Up’, glyphosate and herbicide free and don’t add preservatives or colours to anything and avoid using any ingredient with a food number.

Good Fats Only.jpg

We use butter, olive oil or coconut oil.

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