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Our Bread

Burleigh Special

Built for taste- the Burleigh Special is our most popular loaf.  Starting as a 750 gram dough when formed, it is composed of unbleached organic or sustainable wheat flour (80%), together with (20%) organic spelt, stone ground whole grain wheat and stone ground wholegrain rye, leaven, sea salt and chlorine free filtered water. This naturally leavened traditional sourdough undertakes a minimum 18 hour cool fermentation in traditional linen couche to optimise digestibility. This bread has excellent keeping qualities and may be stored in the fridge for 4 to 5 days.


A bread for everyday use, delicious, fresh or toasted!

Country Miche

Our flagship loaf- the Miche is fashioned on the baker’s favourite bread from Poilâne in Paris.  The Miche dough is fermented for 36 to 48 hours before it is baked. Made from organic and sustainable flour-stoneground whole grains (40%) viz. old heirloom varieties of wheat, spelt, purple wheat and rye, together with unbleached organic or sustainable unbleached wheat flour (60%). This bread comes in 4 sizes-Large (2kg dough), Small (950gm dough), Mission Large (950gm dough) and Mission Small (650gm dough)This bread tastes like a traditional farmer's bread from France. Popular amongst those with dietary issues, the longer fermentation is the critical element here, ensuring that the concentrated carbohydrates in the flour are totally digestible. The longer fermentation facilitates LAB (lactobacillus) activity, resulting in very low FODMAPS and significantly improved nutrient and mineral availability, due to the breakdown of phytates. These benefits are the result of a ‘True Naturally Leavened Sourdough’

Farmers Loaf

Our Farmer’s loaf (a.k.a the Blokes Loaf) loaf is crusty on the outside and soft inside from the higher than normal moisture profile. It undergoes 36 hour of fermentation and contains 20% spelt flour. 


With a well baked crust and open crumb , it is similar to a ciabatta and makes a great party loaf.

Willi's Rye

We make two rye breads, using stone ground whole grain flour. 


Willi’s Light Rye is a 50 % whole wheat, 50% whole grain stone ground rye, mixed with pepita and sunflower seeds. Firstly we sprout the seeds to ‘’activate’ the seeds, which enhances digestibility. This bread is then fermented for 36 hours plus and has a more developed sour flavour profile, typical of German rye bread compared to a light rye from New York, for example. The sunflower and pepitas add a nutty flavour profile. Best sliced thin, either fresh or toasted, it pairs well with our house cured gravlax, any cured fish and soft cheese


The 100% Rye is Northern European in style. It is a dense loaf, with a strong, sour taste from rye flour. It is combined with linseed meal and spiced with caraway seeds, aniseed and coriander and undergoes a 36 hour fermentation before baking.


Both breads may be stored for several weeks in the fridge in airtight containers. 

Orchard Loaf

Our delicious version of a fruit and nut bread uses no sugar or spices to mask flavour. Just walnuts, figs, raisins, cranberries are combined with the Burleigh Special dough. The long 18 hour plus fermentation acts on both the dough and the fruit, producing subtle flavours that delight our customers. Without added sugar, this bread pairs well with jam for breakfast or with cheese for dinner.

Olive Loaf

For this traditional savoury olive bread, we take whole pitted Kalamata olives and combine with the Burleigh Special dough. Herbs and spices are kept out to optimise the olive flavour. Again, the long 18 hour plus fermentation of the dough produces a very tasty, digestible loaf.


"Le pain qui chante" - the bread that sings

Made using sustainable wheat and spelt flours and hydrated using a technique called "bassinage", this technique allows the baker to increase the hydration percentage to obtain the "avéolage" or the perfect inner structure.

On top of levain or leaven, we use a prefermented dough to enhance flavour within the baguettine with the avéolage of irregularly shaped holes being the hallmark of this artisanal bread.

Elvis Bun

The ELVIS BUN named in honour of Elvis, started life as a NY style Bagel! This bun is fermented for 18 plus hours before baking and as with all our breads, only natural sourdough leaven is used. With a similar steaming process to a bagel, this bun has a chewy crust but is soft inside. It has been designed to holds all the juicy ingredients of a burger together.  When you split it in the middle, place the inside on your bbq grill, you will have the unique taste of our sourdough hamburger bun. 

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