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Our Story

Burleigh Baker was established to provide Burleigh Heads and the Gold Coast region with some of Australia's best tasting, nutritious Artisan Sourdough Bread. As such we care about using only the finest ingredients and the best in terms of artisan skills. Combining these values with an adherence to the traditional process of fermentaion, we create some of Australia's most nutritious and easily digested bread.

A community's local baker should be known and trusted. Called "The Face of The Baker", it's important that people know where their bread comes from and who it's made by. This is one of the reasons we started Burleigh Baker! You'll frequently find Geoff and his wife Lisa at the Cafe ready to chat about the importance of properly fermented breads and natural foods.

Face of The Baker

Geoff grew up in Victoria, studied Agricultural Science at Longerenong in Horsham and graduated in Agricultural Economics at UNE Armidale NSW. He worked in consumer marketing in Australia and New York before moving back home to Australia, feeling the need to get back to his roots.


Geoff then worked with a friend from UNE to build up one of Australia's largest privately owned grain trading company in Sydney which was later sold to the Australian Barley Board. Geoff has worked with some of Australia's leading grain growers and exporters to preserve the integrity of Australian grain varieties and their regional characteristics.


Geoff dragged his family on pilgrimages around several of the important boulangeries in Paris, rural France and Italy, in search of artisan bread makers, together with wine, cheese or food to match. All have occupied a somewhat out of balance place in the family’s life.  Geoff is delighted to babble on at length about any of these interests, at any time! 

Geoff believes that in our modern world it is impossible not to be impacted by nutritional considerations around food. He uses the words 'food integrity' to convey what he feels is the single most important issue facing our health and well being.


This is the exact opposite of 'Global' or 'Fast' i.e. 'Local and Slow' becomes the mantra for those who value great tasting, nutritious food. Good health revolves around a healthy gut.

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